Origin Story

Alesya Bags founder Alesya Opelt Macatol

Starting my career at a search engine in Palo Alto, I’ve always needed a laptop bag.  Tech companies gave out free bags.  But black nylon with a huge company logo and plastic hardware never described my dream accessory.

After the dot com bust I moved home to Detroit and caught an entrepreneurial bug.  The gritty Motor City inspired me more than stock options ever could.  In a quest for the corner office, my search for a fashion forward work bag continued.

Relocating to Charleston led to new understanding of a powerful woman.  Work wasn’t just about sitting behind a desk.  These Southern women worked hard raising money for cancer research, running for school boards and starting new ventures.  They weren’t wearing a suit in the heat, but they were working their magic nonetheless.

Alesya Bags was born.  I know these bags will help you reach your goals and look damn good while doing it.

Carry Further!
Alesya Opelt Macatol
Charleston, South Carolina 
December 2019



The Story of the Sisters

We've always launched collections with one signature bag. But during client previews, you asked for more. A bigger bag with room for travel essentials like noise cancelling headphones or a breast pump. Others wanted a smaller bag to hold a laptop and still easily run errands.

The dream of one bag is now two. Related yet different. Inspired by you and my daughters, sisters Maribelle and Dorothy Lee Macatol.

Maribelle is my first born. Driven, dedicated and lately a VSCO girl.  Dorothy Lee is my youngest.  Creative, enthusiastic and now playing piano with two hands. I'm proud to have our signature bags bear their names.

Sometimes different jobs require different bags. Enjoy an Alesya Bag tailored to you.


Maribelle Bag Demo

Dorothy Lee Bag Demo