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Origin Story

Starting my career at a search engine in Palo Alto, I’ve always needed a laptop bag.  Tech companies gave out free bags.  But black nylon with a huge company logo and plastic hardware never described my dream accessory.

After the dot com bust I moved home to Detroit and caught the entrepreneurial bug.  The grit of the Motor City inspired me more than stock options ever could.  In a quest for the corner office, my search for a fashion forward work bag continued.

Relocating to Charleston led to new understanding of a powerful woman.  Work wasn’t just about sitting behind a desk.  These Southern women worked hard raising money for cancer research, running for school boards and starting new ventures.  They weren’t wearing a suit in the heat, but they were working their magic nonetheless.

Alesya Bags was born.  I know it will help you reach your goals and look damn good while doing it.

Carry Further!
Alesya Opelt Macatol
Charleston, South Carolina 
December 2019