Groundbreaking study reveals motherhood involves a staggering amount of labor no matter what society or your Aunt Shirley says.

Charleston, SC, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - In a stunning revelation, a new study has confirmed that 100% of moms are working moms. This discovery has shattered previous beliefs that mothers are eating bonbons while wearing a pink fur trimmed robe and has brought a new level of recognition to the tireless efforts of all moms.

The study, conducted over the course of several years by a team of highly trained researchers, utilized automated intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge methods to arrive at this definitive conclusion.  No stone was left unturned in the pursuit of the truth, as the team conducted extensive interviews, surveys, and observations of moms in every corner of the globe.  

"Frankly, we were amazed by the results," said lead researcher Dr. Jane Smith. “We’d heard rumors of just how much moms were juggling amongst the variety of roles they play both personally and professionally, but to actually confirm it was a real milestone.

From families with a single mom, two moms, a dad that acts as the mom and a grandmother taking over mothering roles again, these individuals are working 7 days a week. There is no such thing as ‘part time’ work in this field. Let us assure you that every mom is not only working full time, but overtime.”

Additionally the study found a 0% usage rate of the sad, misleading term “Mommy Wars” by actual moms.  Participants indicated they had little time for themselves and let alone to be in conflict with other caregivers.  Upon further investigation, it was found “Mommy Wars” is actually a fake news headline, made up by men, to sell print magazines when Jennifer Aniston was unavailable.  

The findings of this study have far-reaching implications for society as a whole. "We hope that this new understanding of the role of moms will lead to greater support and recognition for all the hard work they do," added Dr. Smith. "It's time to acknowledge that being a mom is a full-time job.  Period.”

In the wake of this groundbreaking discovery, we can only imagine what other societal myths will be shattered in the years to come.  The research group, funded by Alesya Bags, plans to conduct more studies including “Why You Too Can Do Laundry” and “1001 Ways to Make Your Own Dinner”.

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Alesya Macatol

Working Mother & Founder